Sunday, February 22, 2015

Introduction to the crew!

So, I recently started up a new world. In this new world i have 7 norns, most Generation 1. Lets meet them now. First up, is Rock, one of my first hatched norns. As you can see, he is enjoying himself on the 'beach"

Next up is Flort, A female norn.
Yeah, I know, silly name, but i couldn't think of a name at the time, so yeah.
Anyways, she is kinda unhappy and bored right now, but i'm trying to fix that problem.
So, currently she is hanging out,just hanging out on the Lighthouse.

Now, this next norn is actually a gorn.
His name is Rototh.

He is the first father in this generation.
He and Lady Lizz,whom, sadly passed away after child birth, Had a baby girl who is named Lora.
Who is also a gorn.

This is Zeta, one of my Female norns. 
She is down in the ocean "Observatory" as I like to call it, having fun with Lora.
Anyways, there is not much going on here, so, moving on to the next norn!

This is Zettt, she is a female norn.
She is having fun with "Mr" my grendel   
But for some reason, she doesnt seem too happy,I'll figure out why!

Now here is the youngest norn in Albia, Lora.
She is hanging out in the hatchery. 
She is so ADORABLE! Despite the half grendel part.

And last,but not least, is one of my male norns, Andreas.
He has pretty much staysin the "castle" area of Albia most of the time.
Anyways, i hope you enjoyed meeting them!

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